Lack Dumire alias "Lack one" is a Swiss based wall & space decorator & art worker. His family founded a Spray can company & therefore paint & colors were always present in his childhood. One night he painted a wall, & it should not be his last one!

Material & Methods

Concrete & spray cans were used for years & still playing the essential role in his Artwork. When time changed & caps evolved he tried to find new ways of using paint & concrete. Repetitive aspects are important in his form of expression & transmitted either by letters, logos, style or technique.


“FunkyTown”, Elite Langnau 2008
“CanvasBash”, Kiff Aarau 2008
“VeryContemporary”, PROGR Bern 2008
Exhibition at the Carhartt ShowRoom, Zürich 2009
“PropART Streetart contest”, Thun 2010
“Swatch/MTV Playground ART Battle”, Blue Balls Festival Luzern 2010
"UrbanArtStudio", Zürich 2011
“VeryContemporary II”, PROGR Bern 2011
“PropART”, Thun 2011
"RoyalArenaFestival//Graffiti Gallery" Orpund 2011
“PropART”, Thun 2012
"RoyalArenaFestival" Orpund 2012
“PropART”, Thun 2013
ArtacksTakeAway "Buskers", Bern 2013
“PropART”, Thun 2014

...it`s a style journey!